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At Paws Of Cheshire Dog Groomers Warrington, we always treat your canine companion with the same love, care, attention, and respect as we do with our own furry family.

We also offer Microchipping in Warrington and the surrounding areas.

At our Pet Groomers, we’re sincerely passionate about the care of your four-legged friends. Therefore, they are treated with the utmost respect and love.

This kind of an insightful care, boosted by our extensive range of services is what makes us unique!

Pet Grooming Warrington!

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Our Pets are our family and we need to keep them safe.

In our opinion, all pets, should, without a doubt, be Micro-chipped. Why run the risk of losing your beloved furry family?

Microchipping is easy to do, it takes a few seconds to implant…

A microchip is as small as a grain of rice and is implanted into your pet. Therefore, when they are found and scanned they are reunited!

The microchip will reveal the animal’s identity and owner’s details, hence the great need for micro-chipping.

Prices start at just £8. per dog within a litter.


 First, a consultation to find out about your Canine friend.

Then, we will brush, comb and assess your canine companions coat.

Once the pre-groom has taken place, its bath time for your pooch, we use a range of specialist shampoos.

Once your dog is clean and smelling fresh, we fluff dry their coat. Our blaster driers & specialised combs and brushes remove dead hair. Therefore, your dog does not leave as much hair around your house. 

Your pooch’s coat will be silky, smooth and tangle free.  Nail clipping and filing is included, we file the nails after cutting if he or she will allow, as freshly cut nails can be sharp.

Then, we clean and pluck your four-legged friend’s ears to remove hair inside the ear canal if required. We use our massage glove, furminators and rakes to De-shed if required.

Finally, a facial and hygiene trim, followed by a spritz of fragrance!

Pricing starts at £15.


This is similar to our mini service, however, a full haircut using clippers and or scissors is also included, followed by a spritz of fragrance!

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Micro-chipping in Warrington

The Grooming Process…

Brushing & Nails

When you arrive at Paws of Cheshire, first of all, we will have a consultation with you and your Dog. This enables us to determine your dogs’ health, for example, if they have had any recent medical problems. We talk about their personality; does your dog get anxious in certain situations or when away from you?

We’ll confirm your preferred fur cut and style for your Canine Companion with you, also your dog’s skin type. They may have sensitive skin, therefore, we want to ensure that we use the correct products.

At Paws Of Cheshire, we have many products to offer, you can choose specialist products and treatments if desired. We will feel your dogs coat to find out if there is any matting.

We’ll introduce your dog to the grooming area to brush your dogs’ coat using specialist brushes and combs selected for your dog’s breed and coat type. We will clip your dogs’ nails if required (and if your dog allows) and then trim the paw pads.

Ear Cleaning & Plucking

Once free from any tangles it is bath time for your pooch. We use shampoos and products to suit your dogs’ coat and skin type, to leave him or her lovely, clean and smelling wonderful!

We will then begin the drying process which involves one to one hand drying your canine best friend and brushing out their fur.

Fragrance & Treats

We will finish with a light fragrance for your dapper dog and a treat if you allow. Your doggy beloved will once again feel and smell wooftastic!

Once dry, we will scissor cut and or clip your dogs coat if required, into a style chosen by you to suit your dogs breed type and your lifestyle.


If there is a lot of matting then there is an extra charge, it is much more time consuming, shaving a matted dog blunts the clipper blades, also, it is also painful for your dog.

Rest assured, we will always be kind to your dog. In cases where there is excessive matting, we would have to shave the fur. If it is not possible to remove all of the mats at once, you can choose to have a few sessions and may be referred to a vet.

We are passionate about animal care

We love what we do!

Building a rapport with you and your four-legged friend so that we can be sure that we give a number one service is one of our main priorities.

During our consultation process, and before your pooches pamper session begins, we will talk about your dog’s health, personality, and how you would like your canine companion to look.

One to One Dog Grooming

Your Dog is number one!

At Paws Of Cheshire, we understand that some dogs can be nervous, therefore, easily stressed when taken out of their own environment. They may not get on so well with other dogs. Let’s face it, some pooch’s are just not keen on grooming! Hence, our main reason why we believe in one to one appointments, this way we are able to dedicate our time to your furry friend.

Happy Pet Owners

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We pride ourselves on giving a number one service to specifically cater for each Dog as an individual.
Dogs are all unique, just like us!


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We have put together a handy list of Dog Links that you and your Canine Companion may find helpful.

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Why Do Dogs Shed?

Why do dogs shed or lose their hair? Is there a Dog that doesn’t shed?

All Dogs shed, moult or lose their hair in the same way that we do, contrary to many beliefs and opinions.

The amount of fur and how often varies greatly for each dog and depending on their breed.

There are many factors involved such as:

  • Place of Origin
  • The surrounding temperature and time of year
  • The dog’s diet
  • The condition of their coat/hair
  • How often they are groomed
  • The health of the dog

The shedding process…

When dogs shed their hair or coat, the old or damaged fur comes out to makes way for their new coat.

Their coat is there to protect them from the weather and other elements. It acts as insulation from the cold, and heat! It is often easy to see what purpose the dog was originally bred for by looking at their coat type; wiry coat types for dogs working on terrain encountering brambles, branches and such. This type of fur will be damaged from the elements and need to be replenished, hence a higher degree of shedding.

Seasonal shedding

In many breeds, shedding happens to remove the dead and damaged coat, also to lose the fur to cool down for the summer months.

Double coated breeds have a soft undercoat as well as their top coat. This works in a way to protect the dog from the elements. In the winter it will insulate and keep the dog warm, in the summer it also helps to keep the dog cool and protect from heat stroke and sunburn; it is, therefore, important to keep the dogs undercoat in the summer, some owners prefer this to be shaved, but in the case of some breeds I would only consider this in extreme circumstances and the owner must take extra measures to guard against sunstroke.

Over time some dogs have been bred to shed their fur much less and these are the breeds whereby the hair would grow just like ours, it needs to be cut, brushed regularly and will need the care to prevent matting.

If your dog is shedding excessively it could be due to diet, please check the ingredients of the food and consider changing to a diet containing more nutrients. It could also be a medical problem, if the shedding is at an abnormally high rate you should consult your vet.

Grooming is an import process for all coat types.

High shedding breeds will benefit from shedding much less by visiting the groomer who uses specialised shampoos and treatments, brushes and powerful blaster driers to remove the dead coat in one go rather than it coming out all around your house.

Breeds that don’t lose their hair often need to be clipped or scissor cut and maintained to prevent matting which is of course extremely painful and can have a huge impact on health.

Some grooming tools to reduce shedding….. Read More

Getting used to Grooming.

When you first bring your new canine companion into your life, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that when they encounter new experiences such Grooming, or the Vets, it won’t be as daunting.

It is important to make sure that you make it as fun as possible and reward good behavior.

A dog not accustomed to Grooming will feel that he or she is being punished, rather than it being a regular everyday part of life.

Once used to being touched and groomed, your Canine Companion will enjoy the process, and believe me, they know when they look good as this gives them extra attention!

First steps when getting your Dog (or Puppy) used to Grooming.

Stroke your Dog and gently begin to brush his or her fur. Puppies tend to bite the brush or comb and wriggle a lot, this will soon wear off once they have this process repeated a few times and it becomes part of their routine.

Lift up your dog’s paws, and touch in between the paw pads and the nails. Touch your dog’s nails with the nail clippers (even if you don’t attempt to clip them). Let your dog hear the clicking sound that the clippers make.

Get used to grooming includes checking inside your canine companion’s mouth. Your dog will then become used to having their mouth opened for teeth cleaning, and also health check ups when they visit the vets. Begin with a finger toothbrush to gently rub their teeth, and massage their gums. You can try flavoured toothpaste, which usually goes down a treat!

Bath your dog using a mild puppy shampoo, and try to use the hair drier from a distance, gradually build up the amount of time so they are comfortable with this over time.

New Situations for your Dog

…. Read More

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