Dog Groomers Diary


Over the past couple of weeks I have been very busy and many pampered pooches came to visit Paws.

They all had wonderful behaviour and enjoyed their one to one grooming time!

Here are a few of my visitors…
Gizmo the Maltishi (Maltese x Shih Tzu) is a puppy who loves his cuddles and playtime. With puppies and dogs who are not used to unfamiliar noises such as hairdryers and clippers I always take things slowly to ensure that each visit is a positive experience for them, he had his third visit and I couldn’t believe how much he’d grown! Gizmo has really settled into the grooming process!
Alfie the Yorkie came for his full grooming for the first time, after the initial uncertainty wained and he began to trust me and his new surroundings he really settled in and relaxed during his haircut. He enjoyed showing off his new style afterwards!
A mixed breed came to Paws very matted with overgrown nails and in great need of a haircut. What a difference it made! He was then able to move around easily. The joy and playfulness that he expressed afterwards was so apparent.
I picked up little George who is a Jack Russell mix and he came for his regular smooth shave. He is such a delight and really enjoys his grooming and games of fetch with me afterwards!
Honey who is a pug mix and Brandy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came for grooming. They are both lovely characters and Honey managed to stay still on the grooming table for quite some time, Brandy was incredibly chilled out and would have managed a sleep if it was possible. They were so excited to see their mum and dad at pick up time to show off their new fur!

Elta May is an Australian Shepherd all the way from Texas, she visits regularly for her de-shed and bath and haircut and thoroughly enjoys it. Her tail never stops wagging from the moment I see her when I pick her up!
I offer a pick up and drop off for customers who are unable to come over to me.

Within 3 miles this service is free!


Paws Of Cheshire are now back from our holidays and looking forward to pampering your pooches once again!

Lottie the Tibetan Terrier and Bobby the Shih Tzu came for their pampering appointment, along with Peanut the Pomeranian who visited for the first time. They all enjoyed their time at Paws, their tails wagging throughout!

Bobby and Lottie are used to me and my singing to them while grooming as it was their fourth visit. Peanut didn’t quite know what to expect at first and I had the occasional raised eyebrow in the beginning.   He soon settled and I made another new buddy for life!

They all showed off their style on Facebook and Instagram afterwards and I look forward to seeing them all again next time.


Over the past week, many lovely pooches have visited Paws Of Cheshire for their pamper time, and of course, I adore them all.

They are all unique in their own way and I love to make them look, feel and smell their best!

Here are a few of my visitors enjoying their grooming sessions.


Patch the dog having his hair driedPatch is having his hair dried. His fur was shedding a lot and so we gave him a de-shedding treatment, he is now all shiny and fresh. Patch’s owners are pleased that there will be much less hair around their house.

Willow the shorkie (shih Tzu x Yorkshire Terrier)Willow who is a Shorkie came for a full grooming session, she absolutely hates the clippers and so I scissor cut her hair completely.

Casper the Maltese TerrierEverybody meet Casper, he is a Maltese Terrier who loves to come and be pampered, his mummy is a hairdresser and so he is not fazed by his grooming experience in the slightest. A very chilled out boy!

Molly the Cairn Terrier MixThis lovely lady is Molly and she is a Cairn Terrier mix, her owners like her coat to be cut ultra-short on her body. She has been coming to Paws of Cheshire for the past six months since her lovely owners rescued her. Molly has come a long way, she is now relaxed and not as nervous or fearful.

Spike the Shorkie DogThis is Spike, he is a lovely little man who I pick up and drop off for his Dog Grooming appointment every 5-6 weeks, he is very nervous of new situations but loves coming to Paws Of Cheshire where he is spoilt rotten with love and cuddles!


I love all of my special four-legged customers and look forward to each and every visit.

I have a grooming salon built next to my house in Padgate, Warrington. It is located in a quiet area and I groom every dog individually on a one to one basis. It is very rare that another dog is present during your dogs stay with us unless the previous dog is waiting to be collected or they are my next customer waiting for his or her pamper time. I don’t use crates and have a separate little room with a baby gate for playing and snoozing whilst waiting for pick up if need be.





Dog Groomers Diary

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