Getting used to Grooming…

Why do I need to do this?

When you first bring your new canine companion into your life, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that when they encounter new experiences such Grooming, or the Vets, it won’t be as daunting.

It is important to make sure that you make it as fun as possible and reward good behaviour.

A dog not accustomed to Grooming will feel that he or she is being punished, rather than it being a regular everyday part of life.

Once used to being touched and groomed, your Canine Companion will enjoy the process, and believe me, they know when they look good as this gives them extra attention!

First steps when getting your Dog (or Puppy) used to Grooming.

Stroke your Dog and gently begin to brush his or her fur. Puppies tend to bite the brush or comb and wriggle a lot, this will soon wear off once they have this process repeated a few times and it becomes part of their routine.

Lift up your dog’s paws, and touch in between the paw pads and the nails. Touch your dog’s nails with the nail clippers (even if you don’t attempt to clip them). Let your dog hear the clicking sound that the clippers make.

Get used to grooming includes checking inside your canine companion’s mouth. Your dog will then become used to having their mouth opened for teeth cleaning, and also health check ups when they visit the vets. Begin with a finger toothbrush to gently rub their teeth, and massage their gums. You can try flavoured toothpaste, which usually goes down a treat!

Bath your dog using a mild puppy shampoo, and try to use the hair drier from a distance, gradually build up the amount of time so they are comfortable with this over time.

New Situations for your Dog

Believe it or not, this is actually a part of getting used to grooming. It is very important to get your new furry friend used to noise and new situations. I recommend visiting noisy places. Visit the train station, town centres, a variety of parks and dog shows, let your dog meet the post man or lady and go outside during bin collection day.

Meet people in a variety of uniforms, hats, and glasses. As a result, your dog will become accustomed to everyday people wearing uniforms, such as the postman.

Puppy or dog training school is another important place to add to the list, as well as puppy socialisation classes which can be found at your local veterinary centre or pet store.

Puppy Pamper and Dog Grooming  Sessions – Getting used to Grooming.

We have a puppy pamper grooming session, which is an ideal introduction to grooming before the age of six months old. It is very gentle and it is all about taking time with your new puppy, to ensure that they are comfortable with their surroundings and new sounds and experiences within the salon environment.

Taking time to regularly groom your dog is all part of their health and well being. if grooming is not done regularly, then each time your dog visits the grooming salon they may feel fearful and see it as a punishment. If their fur has become matted, de-matting can be extremely painful. However, when grooming is done on a regular basis, your doggy beloved  will just simply see this as a normal part of life, become relaxed and enjoy the experience!

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Getting used to Grooming

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