Price List.

You’ll notice that for some breeds full dog grooming is not available, this is because our full grooming service includes a hair cut. Some short haired breeds do not require a hair cut and so the service you require is mini grooming.

Please see our price list below.

Breed.Mini GroomingFull Grooming
Afghan3550 - 65
Airedale Terrier2835 - 45
Akita45 - 65N/A
Alaskan Malamute45 - 60N/A
Australian Cattle Dog35 - 45N/A
Bassenji2530 - 35
Basset Hound3030 - 35
Beagle2530 - 35
Bearded Collie4555 - 65
Bedlington Terrier3035 - 45
Bernese Mountain Dog60+N/A
Bichon Frise2832 - 38
Black Russian Terrier35 - 4045 - 55
Blood Hound30 - 35N/A
Border Collie (L-Hair)(Trim/Clip)3035 - 45
Border Collie (S-Hair)2830 - 35
Border Terrier (Clip)2028 - 35
Bouvier Des Flandres35 - 4045 - 55
Briard35 - 4045 - 55
Cairn Terrier (Clip)2528 - 35
Cavalier2530 - 35
Chihuahua2028 - 35
Chinese Crested (Hairless)25N/A
Chinese Crested (Powderpuff)2530 - 35
Clumber Spaniel2530 - 35
Cocker Spaniel2530 - 35
Cross Breed Large (close coat)35+N/A
Cross Breed Large (curly coat)40+45 - 65
Cross Breed Large (straight coat)38+40 - 60
Cross Breed Medium (close coat)25+N/A
Cross Breed Medium (curly coat)35+35+
Cross Breed Medium (straight coat)30+35+
Cross Breed Small (close coat)20 - 25N / A
Cross Breed Small (curly coat)25+30+
Cross Breed Small (straight coat)2528+
Dachshund Mini2028 - 30
Dachshund Standard2530 - 35
Doberman35 - 40N/A
Dogue De Bordeux35 +N/A
Elk Hound30 - 3535 - 40
English Bull Terrier25 - 30N/A
Eskimo Dog30 - 3535 - 45
Field Spaniel2530 - 35
Flat Coated Retriever2530 - 35
Fox Terrier2528 - 35
French Bulldog20N/A
German Shepherd L/Coat (Clip)38+45 - 55
German Shepherd Short Coat33+35 - 40
Giant Schnauzer2538 - 45
Great Dane40+N/A
Great Pyrenees42+45 - 55
Griffon2028 - 35
Husky40+45 - 55
Irish Setter2535 - 45
Irish Wolfhound40+45 - 55
Jack Russell2025
Japanese Chin2530 - 35
Keeshound30 - 3535 - 40
Kerry Blue2535 - 40
Labradoodle30+35 - 65
Labrador25 - 30N/A
Lhasa Apso2030 - 35
Lowchen2530 - 35
Lurcher25 - 30N/A
Maltese Terrier2530 - 35
Newfoundland (Clip)45+55+
Old English Sheep Dog40+50+
Otter hound30 - 3538 - 42
Papillon2530 - 35
Pekingese (Clip)2530 - 35
Petit Basset Grif' Vend' (Clip)2530 - 35
Plott Hound25 - 30N/A
Pointer25 - 30N/A
Polish Lowland30+35 - 45
Pomeranian2528 - 35
Poodle (Standard)35+50+
Poodle (Toy/Mini)30+35 - 45
Pug 20N/A
Red Setter25+35 - 40
Retriever (Clip)25+35 - 40
Rottweiler35 - 45N/A
Rough Collie (Clip)3538 - 40
Saint Bernard40+N/A
Samoyed (Clip)35+45 - 55
Schnauzer (Mini)2528 - 35
Schnauzer (Standard & Giant)2835 - 45
Scottie2530 - 35
Sealyham2530 - 35
Shar Pei35 - 40N/A
Sheltie (Clip)2530 - 35
Shih Tzu2530 - 35
Skye Terrier2530 - 35
Soft Coat Wheaten25 - 3035 - 40
Spitz2530 - 35
Springer Spaniel2530 - 35
Staffordshire Bull25 - 30N/A
Tibetan Mastiff45+N/A
Tibetan Terrier2835 - 40
Westie2530 - 35
Yorkie2328 - 30
Handstripping£20 per hour
Various Dog Breeds Together

Dog Groomers Warrington

What does dog grooming include at Paws Of Cheshire?

A Consultation

During the consultation we will talk about your dog’s health, any allergies they may have, the hair cut length and your dog’s personality.

When you drop off your dog for his or her grooming session, we will ask if we are allowed to give your dog treats, however, if your dog has an allergy or special diet please feel free to bring your own treats along if required.

Coat Preparation

Before having a bath or hair cut, your four legged friend will need to have their coat brushed and combed to ensure there are no tangles or matts present in their fur. We may also use a natural stain removal product on the face & paws.


If your dog has over 3 areas of matting, or excessive tangling measuring over 2″ in diameter, we will need to shave your dogs fur to get below the mat. We will do this to be kind to your dog, because matts are painful. De-matting / Shaving a matted dog has an extra charge to cover extra time taken along with resharpening blades which will become blunt during the process.


Once tangles are removed, it is bath time for your canine companion. We use specific products suited to your dogs hair and skin type. We carefully select our professional product range and only use the best.


Our professional blaster driers aid in de-shedding, thus helping to remove dead hair in one go. When fluff drying, our driers give the best possible results to dogs with longer hair.

At Paws of Cheshire, our driers have variable speed settings. If your dog is nervous with the hair drier, we lower the speed and use a happy hoodie over their ears. This helps to reduce any anxiety they may have, therefore giving them a better pamper experience.

When we say that we ‘fluff dry’ the hair, this means that we use the drier while brushing their fur, leaving it soft and smooth.


We will clip your furry friends nails if required (and if they allow) so that they are slightly shorter than the floor when standing.

Ear Cleaning

We will clean your dogs ears using ear drops and formulated ear wipes.

Ear Plucking

Some dog breeds require ear plucking because their hair grows inside the ear canal. We can carefully remove the hair from the ear if requested and this is a painless procedure; if this hair was not removed it could cause ear infections or damage the hearing.

A spritz of Cologne

Finally, a spritz of cologne to leave your dog smelling extra fresh – we have many cologne fragrances available to choose from.

All of the above is included in a full grooming or mini grooming session.

For Full Grooming we include a Hair or ‘Fur’ Cut along with everything listed above!

Depending on the style chosen, we will use clippers and scissors or just scissors to cut your pooch’s coat.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us.