Why Do Dogs Shed?

Why do dogs shed or lose their hair? Is there a Dog that doesn’t shed?
All Dogs shed, moult or lose their hair in the same way that we do, contrary to many beliefs and opinions.
The amount of fur and how often varies greatly for each dog and depending on their breed.
The shedding process…
When dogs shed their hair or coat, the old or damaged fur comes out to makes way for their new coat.
Their coat is there to protect them from the weather and other elements. It acts as insulation from the cold, and heat! It is often easy to see what purpose the dog was originally bred for by looking at their coat type; wiry coat types for dogs working on terrain encountering brambles, branches and such. This type of fur will be damaged from the elements and need to be replenished, hence a higher degree of shedding.
Some grooming tools to reduce shedding: